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Baby Bath time is fun time!


Bath time is a special time for you and your baby. A bath can calm and relax before bedtime, but it can also be a great bonding experience as you splash and play and explore the wonders of water and bubbles together. A selection of good bath toys will encourage babies and toddlers to have fun but also helps them to learn and experiment, even from the earliest weeks. Make your bath times special with some cute toys, practical accessories, and good big snuggly towels to wrap up in after. Here at Baby Accessories, we are big fans of happy bath times and stock all you might need to make it a time of lovely memories and good craic while getting clean too!

We also recognise that some children don’t always enjoy the water and that toddlers can go through phases of not wanting to get into the bath. We can offer some advice for positive baby bath times, and for getting through bath phobia. We showcase best bath toys to choose and all you need for a happy splashy time.


Brilliant Bath Toys

Bath toys come in all sizes and shapes and in all price ranges. From bath books to pouring toys and to the classic rubber duck, we have bath toys to suit all families and all little bathers. Our customers particularly love the Skip Hop range with bright primary colours and eye catching designs. 

These fun time toys encourage scooping, pouring, catching and floating. Of course, if you want to be technical and educational, these smartly designed toys also encourage good hand eye co-ordination, motor skills, and introduce early maths and science. Your toddler is just having a blast of fun with them, and the learning is subliminal. We have toys that can be enjoyed at different ages and development stages and that will boost different skills. Some baby bath toys are suitable from birth, so you can start with some straightforward floating objects and move on to the pouring, the stacking, the bath crayons and the irresistible cheeky monkey in a yellow submarine!


Gentle Baby Bath Products

It is not recommended that baby bath products be used on newborns, and they should be washed with cotton wiped and clean water. But once your little one is a few months old, you may decide to introduce some gentle cleansing products. Choose a product that is made especially for children and specifies its use for the tiniest of tots! The bubble bath and baby wash you buy should be hypoallergenic and appropriate for use on the most delicate skin. Use natural products that are fragrance free, and especially for children with extra-sensitive skin. Small babies don’t need shampoo and their hair can be cleaned with water. If you do feel like using shampoo, then pick one formulated for younger children and babies. These are typically more gentle than regular shampoos, with fewer harsh ingredients that might irritate baby's sensitive skin and eyes.

Bubbles are a very welcome addition to a toddler bath time. Apart from being great at cleaning wee ones, bubble baths are so much fun as you play silly hairstyles, silly beards and blowing bubbles at siblings. Again, choose a suitable product that has been produced with the happiness and comfort of wee ones in mind.


Baby Baths of All Kinds

A baby bath is the best way for smaller children to enjoy their bath. It’s easier on parents and carers too and a few inches of water in the big bath just does not cut it! At Baby Accessories, we have a fabulous variety of baby baths to suit everyone. The most popular brands are Shnuggle Bath and Skip Hop. The award winning Shnuggle bath is the perfect first bath and can be used anywhere in the home. We love the sleek look of this lovely bath and think you will fall in love with them too. Suitable from birth to 12 months and with a soft foam backrest for baby's comfort Rubber non-slip feet at the base of the bath for safety. This is the worthy Winner of the International Red Dot Design Award and continues to be one of our bestsellers. This lovely bath also has an integrated bum bump to support baby in the early months. It is just one of our many baby baths to choose from. Come along to the store or call us and let us direct you to right baby bath for you. Choose non-slip surfaces, fold-up designs, cushion seats and more. The versatile Skip Hop Moby Smart Sling bathtub grows with baby through three stages. If this is the only baby bathtub you ever buy, it will see you comfortably through to the big bath years. The sling locks into two ergonomic positions. A higher one for full-body support and lower for seated support. There is layered mesh and comfort-edge construction which securely cradles baby from head-to-toe. The slings also adjust to a cushioned seat that comfortably supports babies learning to sit. You can remove the sling when baby has mastered sitting and easily bathe baby in the spacious tub.


Bath Accessories for Children

There is nothing cuter and cuddlier than a wrapped up, snuggled up after bath little one! We have a wide selection of towels and snuggly hooded towels to make the transition from bath to bed as easy and as warm and toasty as possible. We also stock baby nail clippers, wash cloths and pouring cups for easy hair washing. Check out our range of bath time accessories.


Bath Phobia

A fear of bathing and water is a very common in toddlers. Bath phobia usually shows up around ages 1-2 and can make a former pleasant bath time into a nightmare. But much depends on how you handle it and thinking of bath phobia as temporary goes a long way to lessening the drama. It is called ablutophobia but just because it has a very scary name, does not mean that it should be a big worry. It might be useful to let them stand at the side of the bath and play with the water, particularly if siblings are enjoying a splashy, sudsy time. Some small tots feel happier in a swivel safety seat. This is one of our favourite ones. This Swivel Bath Seat can help make bath time easier with its suction pads to hold it securely in place in the bath and its interactive toys to distract and may help if there is fear of the big water. Most children get over this phase and it is best not to make a big fuss. Just like that mountain of bubbles left in the bath, it will fizzle away soon.

Bath time is an important part of childhood both in making sure mucky kids get clean, but also that they enjoy the restorative and gentle properties of water.


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