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Top tips for traveling with toddlers, wobblers, and babies.


Travel itself can be stressful, but when you add small children to the mix, it becomes more challenging. But bringing baby on board for family adventures does not have to be a negative experience. With careful preparation, good humour, and a repositioning of all those single traveler goals, an enjoyable time can be had by all!


The main tricks to happy trails with toddlers, wobblers and babes in arms is it to plan ahead, to stay calm and accept that it is probably going to take longer than expected to get there. Adjust your expectations, be as super organized as possible and everything will fall into place.

Here are our top Baby Accessories tips for traveling with tots...

Be Prepared

Make a list of all the things you might need to make the journey easier, and including all those extra treats that make holidays special.  The list should include snacks, wipes, drinks, nappies, and spare clothes. Bring some travel toys and books and especially something familiar and special to cuddle on the journey. As you pack items to keep the wee ones entertained on long road trips, train rides, or flights, you should resist the temptation to overdo it as you might end up carrying too much. (You will be carrying small people at least some of the time!) Rotate the toys and books you have rather than packing lots. Think ahead to mealtimes, nappy times, and nap times so that you don’t find yourself on a long train ride with no water or trying to carry an over-tired cranky child through airport security. Plan for your arrival at your destination and whether food will be available for your first breakfast etc. Being as prepared as possible is a good start to your travels, while always knowing that the best made plans of those traveling (with or without small people) can change quickly.

Be Flexible and Calm

Travel can be unpredictable. Flights, road work, the hotels, lost luggage and unfavourable food. Prepare yourself mentally to cope with whatever the adventure throws at you. You may have to be flexible and change itinerary or make new plans to cope with unexpected nap times, unscheduled potty/nappy stops or a myriad of unplanned child related issues. Stay calm, stay chilled and go with the flow. Bend the rules on sugar, processed food, buying treats and limiting screen times as home time gives way to holiday time. Family traveling has a slower pace, and you will be making those special memories together whether you are waiting for a delayed flight or visiting the aquarium. Its all about the vibe!

Baby, infant and child seats

Baby seats are designed to be portable. They are lighter and smaller and can be brought with you if needed. If you are unable to bring children's car seats with you on your journey, make sure that they are available at your car hire or wherever you are visiting. Relatives can usually borrow suitable car seats for the duration of your visit. See here for advice and additional information on child car seats. 


In all the packing of soothers, nappy cream, and favourite teddies, we can tend to forget the other important stuff. The passports, rental car agreements, credit cards and currency that are vital for easy travelling. It is wise to have a special pouch to take with you for those important documents. In these days of blended families, it may also be essential to have a letter from a birth parent or guardian when traveling with grandchildren, stepchildren or any member of extended family that is not a blood relative. Check what you need for your destination country if traveling overseas and what you might also need for returning to Ireland. Babies do need their own passports and cannot travel on their parents' papers. If you are feeling fancy, you can pop their ID papers in this nifty and stylish baby travel set.

Travel insurance  

The best travel insurance policies cover travel delays and trip cancellation due to a variety of factors. If you have a flight that's cancelled or severely delayed, travel insurance will often cover alternative accommodation. Lost luggage is not a huge issue if you are a singleton traveling for kicks, but it becomes a big problem when family clothes, toiletries, medication etc are lost in the ether. Travel Insurance goes a long way in reducing stress, uncertainty, and protecting against huge, unexpected costs.

Medication and first aid

Keep a small first aid kit for travelling and ensure that you have an emergency supply of baby paracetamol for pain and fever relief. If anyone in the group needs essential medicine, pack it in the bags you carry with you and not in the checked in bag.

Babies on the plane

Most airlines allow babies to fly once they have reached two weeks old, and they all provide suitable age-appropriate restraints/seat belts once they have been told in advance that they are needed. Not all babies cry and fuss on planes, so ignore all the looks and the people trying desperately not to sit with you. Small children cannot counteract the effects on the ear pressure, which we usually do by yawning or swallowing. This makes the abrupt changes in pressure when the plane is taking off or landing more problematic. This sensitivity to cabin pressure can be aided by allowing baby to suckle, feed or by using baby ear plugs. Don’t let them sleep during take off and landing. Walk around with baby if you need to. Make sure you have those snacks, drinks, toys, and books. Ask for help from cabin staff if you need it.

Baby on board

Have baby. Will travel! It’s a different experience than just grabbing your haversack and heading for the open road. But different is not a bad thing. Traveling with a small companion will give you a new appreciation for the world, where a passing butterfly landing on an iconic statue will be the most amazing thing to happen that day. Enjoy a slower pace with more rest breaks, lots of giggles and a new sense of adventure.

Happy trails!

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